Wikimedia Botswana and Wikimedia Uganda

Wikimedia Botswana and Wikimedia Uganda 13 AprilApr 2023 09:00am - 10:00am Africa/Nairobi
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What Does Digital Inclusion look like on Wikipedia?

Session Format: Panel Discussion.

Gender inequality is rife across Africa and beyond, especially online, where there is a shortage of fact-based news, information, and knowledge about women and their experiences across the content on Wikipedia. Refugees' and women’s knowledge and contributions to the world are invisible online due to the continuous digital divide on the content. This session intends to narrate practical stories of what is being done by East African Wikimedians through Art+Feminism in Botswana and Wikipedia For Refugees in Uganda to advance digital inclusion on Wikipedia to build a sustainable, open, free, safe, and secure environment/space for all. This panel discussion will help the audience understand the work of East African Wikimedians in closing the digital divide on Wikipedia to amplify work in other countries. The session will be captured in form of a blog post and published on for future learnings by Wikimedians across the world.

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