DRIF Security and Risk Management Code


Cognisant of the potential risk in hosting DRIF, this code addresses the security strategy and risk mitigation features for attendees, which align with the DRIF Code of Conduct. Paradigm Initiative (PIN) believes in the security of DRIF attendees and is committed to taking the necessary steps to safeguard all attendees. The PIN Team has exercised due diligence by ensuring internal security processes safeguard attendee data and physical security.

To this end, the DRIF Team is committed to do the following:

Pre-Event Security Management 

  • Pre-visit the venue to ensure it is safe and accessible for all attendees and conduct a comprehensive risk assessment, including identifying potential security threats and developing strategies to mitigate those risks.
  • Establishing an on-site security team to mitigate physical security threats.
  • Issue a travel logistics note to notify attendees of the venue location for their risk assessment.
  • Indicate to partners and attendees the importance of adherence to data protection international standards that ensure that personal data is collected with consent and used solely to promote the objectives of the digital rights and inclusion forum and not to cause harm or pose threats to privacy through data breaches. 
  • Dispatching a pre-event survey to understand potential security threats, if any, for attendees. 
  • Disseminating this Code and the DRIF Code of Conduct with the DRIF Community on the event Whova platform.
  • Thorough venue inspection the day before the event commencement. 


Event Security Management

  • Provide a safe environment in line with the host country’s laws and international human rights standards in as far as reasonable within foreseeable grounds. PIN will not be responsible for any unforeseeable state of emergency,  or criminal conduct. 
  • Protect attendees from harm to their health, safety and welfare by minimising the risk as far as reasonably practicable.
  • Ensure health security, PIN will provide a health desk and encourage attendees to mitigate their health risks by actions such as adhering to COVID-19 measures where relevant that enable them to feel secure, such as sanitising and wearing masks. Any participant who tests positive for COVID-19 must safeguard others by notifying the Security Team and will be asked to be excused from the event.
  • Conduct a thorough venue inspection every morning during the DRIF event. 


 In turn, attendees are urged to do the following:

  • Exercise reasonable care for their health and safety, assessing personal risk and updating PIN of possible concerns.
  • Read and adhere to the DRIF Code of Conduct.
  • Always wear their event tags when at the event venue.
  • Report any security incidents, accidents or injuries while at DRIF.



Attendees are encouraged to respond to the Monitoring and Evaluation Survey portion on security to express any concerns or comments on future events. Through this process, attendees can highlight incidents that may not have been highlighted through the security email or security desk. Regarding data protection, all data collected by attendees during the event should be deleted within 2 months of the closing ceremony of DRIF unless consent is secured for longer periods from the data subjects. 

Anonymity at DRIF

In line with the DRIF Code of Conduct, attendees are allowed to pick a red colour-coded lanyard to avoid their pictures being taken. If attendees with the relevant identifying lanyard believe their images have been taken without their consent, they can approach the security desk to make the report for a timely response. attendees are urged to respect the need for anonymity for attendees. They should refrain from sharing any personal details of individuals with the media or any other actors without consent, be it online or offline. Any such conduct violates the DRIF Code of Conduct.

Diversity and Inclusion

The DRIF Community is diverse and every participant is urged to respect that diversity. Any discriminatory conduct against the spirit of diversity at DRIF shall be treated as a breach of the DRIF Code of Conduct. 

Reporting Security Threats

For any security concerns, attendees are urged to contact the DRIF Security Team, identifiable through security tags at the marked security desk. An email can also be sent to drif.safety@paradigmhq.org.



PIN is committed to fulfilling this policy’s objectives and mitigating risks for its DRIF attendees. 

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