DRIF Code of Conduct


Participation at DRIF includes involvement in all in-person or virtual events. All DRIF attendees, speakers, sponsors and volunteers participating at DRIF are expected to adhere to this code of conduct. Failure of which the DRIF Management Team shall consider an appropriate action depending on the circumstances. Paradigm Initiative shall engage the police within the relevant jurisdiction in the event of criminal conduct and reserves the right to excuse any attendees from continued engagement at the Forum, where the situation demands. 

Code of Conduct.

Attendees at the Digital Rights and Inclusion Forum (DRIF) agree to:

  • Treat all attendees equally irrespective of nationality, gender, racial or ethnic origin, religion or beliefs, disability, age, or sexual orientation; all attendees should treat each other in a civilised manner both online and physically. 
  • Focus discussions or remarks on issues and not attack other attendees.
  • Act in a reasonable, objective, and informed manner when participating in policy discussions. 
  • Refrain from posting any segments of the event on social media concerning attendees in a way that violates their personal integrity.
  • Refrain from engaging in cyber harassment or bullying of any attendees.
  • Listen and respect the views of other attendees when discussing issues during the Forum. 
  • Facilitate transparency and openness when participating in DRIF policy discussions. 
  • Act fairly and in good faith with other participants. 
  • Promote ethical and responsible behavior. Paradigm Initiative expects all attendees to behave in a responsible and principled manner. 
  • Ensure decency in their communication and interactions with others.
  • Be careful with their remarks on people’s race, culture, and beliefs. 
  • Refrain from any form of sexual harassment i.e., in the form of words, images, gestures or physical contact in physical, digital or communication spaces. Any attendee who does this will be asked to leave the Forum. 
  • Listen and respect the views of other attendees. 
  • Protect DRIF’s assets and ensure their efficient and effective use. 
  • Not to be dismissive to other attendees when giving their views and sharing information.

NB: Pictures will be taken and the event shall be recorded entirely or partly. Pictures, audio and/or video recordings of the Forum will not be used for commercial purposes but in line with our reporting of the event on our website, social media pages and select media houses for publicity purposes. By registering for the event, you fall within this coverage, and give consent to PIN or its 3rd party  contractors to use the material/content. Please advise the DRIF Security Team if you have any concerns and they will be addressed. 

Reporting Violations

Should an attendee feel harassed or disrespected during the Forum, or observe the same being done to another attendee, or have suspicion of the same happening in the Forum, he/she should reach out to the organizers of DRIF through the following means: 

Reach out to the DRIF Security Team who will be recognized by tags indicating such. You can also send an email to: drif.safety@paradigmhq.org

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