Agenda – Digital Rights and Inclusion Forum 2021  

  Virtual Open Day     Date     Time  

Paradigm Initiative & Partners

DRIF Opening Ceremony & Launch Session (Digital Rights and Inclusion in Africa Report/Ayeta/DRIMF/DRILL)
12 April 2021 9am -10.30pm GMT+2/CAT

Inclusive Tech Group

Innovations in Assistive Technologies: Advancing Digital Inclusion for Persons with Disabilities

12 April 2021 11am – 12.30pm GMT+2/CAT

Global Network Initiative (GNI) DRIF21

Understanding the Social Impacts of Network Disruptions.

12 April 2021 12.45pm-2. 15pm GMT+2/CAT

Media Defence

Under Surveillance: How strategic litigation can be used to promote free expression

12 April 2021 2.30pm – 4.00pm GMT+2/CAT

Rising Voices

Exploring the intersection of African Languages and digital rights.

12 April 2021 4.15pm -5.15pm GMT+2/CAT
Digital Grassroots

LGBT rights in the digital space

12 April 2021 5.30pm -7.00pm GMT+2/CAT
  In-Person Session Title     Host Country     Date and Time  

Digital Shelter

Building Digitally Inclusive Society

Somalia 13 April 2021
9:00am -1pm GMT+2/CAT
Consortium of Ethiopian Human Rights Organisations

Capacity Building for Online Content Producers.

Ethiopia 14 April 2021
9:00am -1pm GMT+2/CAT

Digital Human Rights Lab

Strengthening Human Rights in a Digital Age

Uganda 14 April 2021

1pm-2pm GMT+2/CAT

Koneta Initiative

How Can We Improve Technology Education for Women in South Sudan?

South Sudan 15 April 20219:00am -2pm GMT+2/CAT

Zaina Foundation

Promoting Digital Rights in Challenging Environments: Cases from Tanzania

Tanzania 19 April 2021

9:00am – 5pm GMT+2/CAT

Internet Society Chad Chapter

Forum National sur le Droit Numérique

Chad 20 April 2021

10:00am – 11am GMT+2/CAT

Conseil des Panafricanistes du

des droits et de l’inclusion numérique au Tchad.

Chad 20 April 2021

11:00am – 1pm GMT+2/CAT

Paradigm Initiative

Putting Gender and Human Rights First in a Digital Age.

Abuja, Nigeria 21 April 2021

10:00am – 11:30am GMT+2/CAT


Access to Technology for Children in Vulnerable Groups

Abuja, Nigeria 21 April 2021

12pm – 1pm GMT+2/CAT

Premium Times Centre for Investigative Journalism

New threats to Press Freedom

Abuja, Nigeria 21 April 2021

1pm – 2:30pm GMT+2/CAT

A&E Law Partnershipe

Consumer Rights Protection in Nigeria

Abuja, Nigeria 21 April 2021

3:30pm – 4:15pm GMT+2/CAT

Paradigm Initiative

Digital Identity and Data Protection in Nigeria

Abuja, Nigeria 22 April 2021

11am – 12:30pm GMT+2/CAT

Edunovative Concept and Consultancy

Digital Safety Education: A Prerequisite for implementing 21st Century Curriculum.

Abuja, Nigeria 22 April 2021

12:45pm – 1:45pm GMT+2/CAT

Paradigm Initiative

Launch of Ripoti

Abuja, Nigeria 22 April 2021

3:00pm – 4:30pm GMT+2/CAT

Namibia Digital Foundation

Unpacking Internet Access in Namibia

Namibia 22 April 2021

2pm – 5pm GMT+2/CAT

Paradigm Initiative
Droits numériques et libertés d’internet en période de crise: le cas du Cameroun
Cameroon 23 April 2021

11am GMT+2/CAT

“Paradigm Initiative

Challenges and Opportunities: Advancing Digital Rights Advocacy during COVID-19 Period.

Zambia 26 April 2021

10:00am GMT+2/CAT

Paradigm Initiative

Digital Rights vis-a-vis Chaotic Elections in Eastern Africa: Experiences from the Past, Lessons for the Future

Kenya 27 April 2021
9am GMT+2/CAT

“Internet pour tous en Centrafrique/SPJ Labs


Central African Republic 27 April 2021

11:00am GMT+2/CAT

  Virtual Closing Sessions     Date     Time  

Paradigm Initiative

Live Media Briefings
28 April 2021 12pm -1.30pm GMT+2/CAT

Paradigm Initiative & Partners

#DRIF21 Ask Me Anything (AMA) Session and Mock African Digital Rights Awards
29 April 2021 10am -5pm GMT+2/CAT

Digital Age Conversations

Digital Health: The case of the African Child.

30 April 2021 9am -10.30pm GMT+2/CAT

Women’s Technology Empowerment Centre (Nigeria)

DNS 101 for Non Profit Organisations

30 April 2021 11am- 12.30pm GMT+2/CAT


Africa Digital Rights Fund (ADRF) – Building Networks and Communities of Practice in Digital Rights Work

30 April 2021 12.45pm -2.15pm GMT+2/CAT


Interview – Simplified Jargon – digital IDs and digital rights explained.

30 April 2021 2.30pm – 4.00pm GMT+2/CAT

Molly Land, University of Connecticut Human Rights Institute

Virtual Roundtable on Digital Authoritarianism

30 April 2021 4.15pm- 5.45pm GMT+2/CAT

Paradigm Initiative & Partners

Virtual Coffee Closing Session

30 April 2021 6pm – 7pm GMT+2/CAT
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