CIPESA 12 AprilApr 2023 12:15pm - 01:00pm Africa/Nairobi
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Examining Disinformation Trends and Effects in Africa.

Session Format: Panel Discussion.


Disinformation is growing to near-pandemic levels in various African countries yet the spectrum of its adverse effects on fundamental rights, civic participation and public safety is not fully known. What is clear is that disinformation undermines the resilience and safety of human rights defenders (HRDs) and journalists, while hampering free expression and public participation. Led by CIPESA, this session will bring together disinformation researchers, fact-checkers and HRDs to discuss trends in disinformation instigators, tactics, pathways, and the effects that disinformation has on their work. It will explore disinformation effects on electoral integrity, the role of political actors as instigators and agents of disinformation, the effects of government counter-measures on civic rights and freedoms online. It will also unpack the role that different actors, including the private sector, ought to play in order to definitively tackle the vice.

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