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Kofi Yeboah is a graduate of the University of Alberta, Canada where he earned both his Masters degree in Communications and Technology and an embedded Certificate in Community-based Research and Engagement. Also, he earned a bachelor’s degree from the University of Cape Coast, Ghana where he studied Economics and Sociology. His research interests lie at the intersections of the internet, emerging technologies, and the digital divide in sub-Saharan Africa. Kofi was a co-lead of the Global Voices research team that conducted a cross-regional field study of  Facebook’s Free Basics app, where the app was measured against collectively-developed benchmarks of usability, quality of connection, language and accessibility, content, and privacy/data policies. His articles and thoughtful comments on internet freedom and authoritarian technology have appeared in major international and local media outlets including Aljazeera, Democracy in Africa, Coda Story, Fast Company, and Global Voices Online.  His current research focuses on exploring why artificial intelligence inclusion gaps exist and identifying the key contributing factors that continue to widen the gap. He spends most of his time exploring how emerging technologies could benefit excluded groups in the global south, especially sub-Saharan Africa.

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