Kamufisa Manchishi

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Media, communication and international relations professional with experience
in communication management in both government and non-governmental sectors
having led various regional and international advocacy campaigns on digital
rights, freedom of expression and access to information in Southern Africa. Kamufisa
is also a journalist and public relations practitioner who has worked in
various roles including social marketing of anti-drug abuse interventions
targeted at youth populations as well as packaging creative digital campaigns
on trade and economic policy in Zambia. He holds a Master of Mass Communication
Degree from the University of Zambia and a postgraduate diploma in teaching
methodology. Kamufisa has written and contributed to publications including,
among others, the State of the Media in Zambia, Media law and Policy in Zambia
and Internet Freedom in Zambia. He currently serves as a lecturer, researcher
and consultant in the School of Business Studies at Mulungushi University in
Central Zambia.

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