All you need to know about Visa is available here, if you do require one.


Accommodation: You can reserve a room at the venue of #DRIF19 (Radisson Blu, Ikeja GRA Lagos) through its online platform here or at any other Hotel in its environs. We have a discounted agreement with two of such hotels; Best Western Starfire and Georgetown Hotel for a flat rate of N25, 000/night (approx. $69USD)  for their standard room. If you will be using any of these hotels, you should use this code DRIF2019.  Reservation can be done by sending a mail to: accounts@bwstarfirehotel.com , starfireaccountant@yahoo.com and copy olayinka.taiwo@paradigmhq.org but payment will be made on arrival.

Below are other hotels in the environ and the prices per night:

S/N Hotel Address Amount
1 Best Western Starfire 128, Joel Ogunnaike St, Ikeja GRA N32, 000 (N25, 000)
2 Geaorgetown Hotel 61, Joel Ogunaike Street N32, 000 (N25, 000)
3 Primal Hotel 46B, Isaac John Street, GRA Ikeja N30,000
4 Savoy Suits 43, Isaac John Street, GRA Ikeja N31,500
5 Shoregate Hotel 29 Joel Ogunnaike Street, GRA Ikeja N40, 000
6 Radisson Hotel 42/44 Isaac John Street, GRA Ikeja N73, 000 (N51, 000)
7 Radisson Blu Hotel 34/40 Isaac John Street, GRA Ikeja N86,400 (N60, 000)



Local Travel

We’ll be honest, getting around Lagos can be a bit overwhelming – we are about 20 million people living on this small piece of land. Don’t panic. #DRIF19 is holding in the Government Residential Area (GRA) closest to the Murtala Muhammed International Airport. (Don’t be surprised if you find this particular GRA is looking more commercial than residential, welcome to Lagos :).

Without any traffic congestion, your drive should take about 5-6 minutes but then again, this is Lagos, so that’s wishful thinking. Realistically, it could take you about 20 – 30 minutes to get from the airport to the venue of #DRIF19. (NOTE: When going back home, please do not plan within this timeframe. We advise that you check in online and leave the hotel at least 4 hours before your flight time).

Uber and Taxify Apps function well within the city. You can easily book an Uber or a Taxify cab when you arrive. These should cost you approximately 1,500 – 2,500 Nigerian Naira or $4 – $6 from the airport to the venue of #DRIF19, depending on the traffic situation.  Please note that if you’d rather opt for a cab (man) in the airport lobby or right outside, you would have to haggle. Fair prices would range from 3, 000 – 4,000 Nigerian Naira or $8 – $11, from the airport to the venue of #DRIF19.  #DRIF19 will hold at: RADISSON BLU, 38/40 ISAAC JOHN STREET, IKEJA GRA 100271, LAGOS, NIGERIA.

Please note that there are two ‘Radisson Blu’  Lagos. One is on Victoria Island. #DRIF19 is not holding in Victoria Island. It is holding at the Radisson Blu in the GRA (Government Residential Area) in Ikeja. Please make sure your cab driver understands that you are going to the Radisson Blu in Ikeja GRA.


Weather in Lagos, Nigeria: Please, come with clothes for warm weather. Be prepared also for unexpected downpours, which can be sometimes followed by blazing heat. Temperatures outside on the days of #DRIF19 could be between 310C and 330C in the day, while temperatures may drop to 250C at night. If you would be doing some outdoor walking during the forum, we advise jelly flats, sneaker rain shoes, rubber slides, etc. You may also find a lightweight jacket, waterproof purse or backpack and a compact umbrella useful items to have. Indoors, during the forum, temperatures would be centrally controlled and would be between 180C and 220C in the conference area all day.


Nigeria spends Naira and you can easily change your foreign currency to naira right at the airport. Many hotels also provide currency exchange services. For current exchange rates, please refer here.