Communication to #IFF Community NO 08

Communication to #IFF Community NO 08
Dear Friends,
We are now counting down, in days, to the 6th Internet Freedom Forum in Abuja. The Forum is
coming at an important time in the discussion and advocacy around issues including internet
shutdowns, data privacy, and a widening digital divide. The Forum will provide a lively platform
to discuss issues, craft new ideas, forge new solutions and alliances, and work to further the
cause of digital rights in Africa.
We are excited to welcome an amazing corps of leading experts as speakers and panelists at
this year’s IFF. This includes Julie Owono, the Executive Director of Internet Without Borders;
Dapo Olorunyomi, the Publisher of Premium Times; Koliwe Majama, a Zimbabwean ICT expert
, and consultant; and Teki Akuetteh Falconer, the Executive Director of Ghana’s Data Protection
Commission. Others include Tolu Ogunlesi, Special Assistant to the Nigerian President on Digital
Media; Abdi Latif Dahir of Quartz Africa; and Afef Abrougui of Ranking Digital Rights.
The agenda for the Forum is now available online. As you will see in the document, we have
carefully prepared an array of sessions and side sessions on issues of concern and relevance not
only to the digital rights advocacy community but also to the general public we advocate on
behalf of. We have sessions on cyber crimes, artificial intelligence and open data, attacks on the
free press in the digital age and internet shutdowns. We’ve also got sessions on elections in
Africa, bridging the gender knowledge gap, detoxicating the net, among others. Whatever your
interest is, you will find many sessions that would excite you.
Travel Support
After months of sorting through hundreds of applications, we have eventually selected the
delegates we would be sponsoring to the IFF.  It has not been an easy process with many
worthy travel support requests declined due to limited funds. We have now reached out to
everyone selected for travel support and is already working with them on their travel
arrangements. We also sent out emails to everyone we have unfortunately declined their
request. If you have not received any communication on your travel request by now, please
check your spam folder.
Digital Rights Workshop for Journalists
We are currently accepting registrations for a Day 0 Workshop for journalists on reporting
digital rights in the media. If you are a journalist interested in this workshop, please send a mail to The Workshop holds on April 24 by 2 pm at the Nigerian Airforce
Conference Centre, Abuja, Nigeria. A media briefing on #IFF2018 will take place after the
Facebook Roundtable on #FakeNews
You can still register for the Day 0 Facebook Roundtable on fake news. During this roundtable,
participants will analyze how false news spreads on social media, the motivation behind the false
news and the unique challenges that the concept of false news poses to democratic processes
on the African continent. There are limited seats available for this roundtable, so attendance is
strictly by registration.
Paradigm Initiative is recruiting for the following roles:
 Google Policy Fellow, East/Southern Africa
 Program Officer (Elections News Fact Checking Project)
 Director of Administration
Read about the vacant positions here.
As we inch closer to the IFF, we encourage you to finalize your travel plans and start working on
the great ideas you would be sharing with everyone at the Forum. We really can’t wait to
welcome you to Abuja. If you have any question, please send a mail to
Kinds regards,
#IFF2018 Team

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