Code of Conduct

Paradigm Initiative welcomes you once again to the Internet Freedom Forum (IFF) 2018.

As the organizers of the Forum, we understand that we are saddled with the responsibility to ensure the safety of every attendee. And we will do so gladly.

It is, therefore, in line with this responsibility that we have adopted the following as our Code of Conduct – that is, laid down rules which must be observed by all participants for the safety of all participants.


  • Code against Harassment, Aggression, and Intimidation: No participant affiliated with the IFF (online and offline) shall engage in harassment, aggression, and intimidation of any fellow participant during the course of the Forum. Harassment, Aggression, and Intimidation may either be verbal or non-verbal. They may also relate to any unwanted and inappropriate sexual or physical behaviour whether passive or active. No participant shall threaten a fellow participant to do or refrain from doing any act.
  • Code against Discrimination: No participant affiliated with the IFF (online and offline) shall show prejudice against a fellow participant as a result of their age, race, gender, sexual orientation, body size, physical appearance, disability, religion or any other idiosyncrasy.
  • Code against Conversion and Theft: No participant affiliated with the IFF (online and offline) shall take without permission and/or without the intention to return the property of the organizers, fellow participants or any other person affiliated with the IFF. Lost items in your custody must be returned to any official of the IFF.
  • Code against Intrusion: Every participant of the IFF has a right to the privacy of their person, belongings, correspondence, and data. No participant affiliated with the IFF shall intrude or attempt to intrude on the privacy of fellow participants either by stalking, peeping, pestering or outrightly interfering. Subject to general photography etiquettes at the IFF, no one shall secretly, maliciously or intrusively take or use the photograph of another.
  • Code against Forum Disturbance: As much as conversations and contributions are encouraged and heartily welcome at the IFF, the Forum takes exception to sustained disturbance and rowdiness at sessions.
  • Code against Destruction: With the consideration of fair wear and tear, every participant shall ensure to use the facilities provided both at the Forum session and for accommodation, with care.

Here are pointers for good conduct:

  • Be courteous with one another
  • Respect one another
  • Be polite
  • Network professionally
  • Offer assistance and help when needed
  • Be security conscious and vigilant
  • Obey instructions and other rules given at the Forum.


All participants at the IFF 2018 are expected to display a good level of respect and discretion in relating with one another, in handling facilities provided and in participating in the sessions.



The consequence of violating any of these codes may vary from criminal prosecution to subjective sanctions given by the organizers of the Forum.

If you have any question or seek clarification on the Code of Conduct, kindly send a mail to